About nice mangoes

A little bit about nice mangoes, we share your passion for mangoes

Mango (Mangifera indica), commonly called as ‘king of fruits’, is native to Southern Asia, especially Eastern India. We at "Nice Mangoes" collects and process the best of mangoes all arround India. We started out as fruits and vegetebles whole sale dealers and later focussed on mangoes after realising the wide market and need for the diverse verity of exquisite mangoes that grows in India.

Now after years of knowledge in this field our interest in mangoes have turned into a passion. A passion that motivates us to collect mangoes from the farms all arround India every morning and savour the freshness by processing and packaging under ideal conditions. We exports the best of the best that we collect, our mangoes speaks for our knowledge and passion in this field.

Hot water treatment

Hot water treatment is intented to get rid of fruit flies and met quarantine requirements before packaging. Use of heated water has been found to be more safe and effective in meeting the quarantine requirements.

Mangoes are dipped into hot water measuring at least 115°F (46.1ºC) to increase the pulp (interior of the fruit) temperature, and the length of time in the water is determined by the cultivar type and size of the mangoes. The hot water that is used in the treatment will include a chlorine sanitizer.After going through the hot water treatment, the mangoes will wait for 30 minutes to reach room temperature prior to cold storage. After treatment, the mangoes are transferred to an insect-free zone in the facility and will stay there until they are removed from the facility in insect-free containers.

Processing & packaging

We believe that quality matters more than quantity. Most of the fruit dealers and vendors use carbide to accelerate the ripening process. Use of carbide badly effects the taste and aroma of mangoes, it’s very unhygienic and toxic for our health. The least you could expect from us is hygenic and non-toxic mangoes.

We harvest half ripe mangoes, these mangoes are then taken to our processing chambers. Our processing chambers are set as per the recomendations specified by Indian agricultural research institute.We use ethylene gas for processing. We have artificially maintained the ideal climatic environment required for the mango ripening by controlling Humidity above 75% and Temperature between 28-30 0C. At these conditions mangoes does not undergo heat shock due to high summer temperature and low humidity. This results in natural ripening to maintain the color, taste and aroma of our mangoes. Ready for dispatch mangoes are then packed into an attractive and easy to carry packages.

Mode of transportation

To ensure that the export mangoes reaches its foreign destination pure and fresh, we rely on transport by air. Air freighting is quicker and more flexible. Our cwill be delevered via air transport.